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Solutions in solids handling and processing

AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik, the former AEG Vibrationstechnik, Frankfurt/Main offers its clients technological sophisticated and reliable solutions for different branches of industry.

Discharging, batching, loading, dosing, dewatering, heating, horizontaly and verticaly conveying, cooling, classifying, sorting, arraging, positioning, shaking and loosening, screening, sorted and unsorted storaging, separating, drying, compacting, singling out, feeding.

Drive and dosing technology

Magnetic vibrators, Unbalanced motors, Small conveyor equipment (linear conveyors), Parts conveyor (worm conveyor), Handling technology.

Handling technology

Small conveyor equipment (linear conveyors), Parts conveyor (worm conveyor).

Bulk material technology

Bunker extraction units, Bunker vibrator, Water removal equipment, Conveying conduits, Conveying tubes, Directionally controlled conveying conduits, Reversing conveyor equipment, Distribution covers/distribution plates, Vibration fluidized bed systems, Vibrating filters, Vibrating tables, Worm/Vertical conveyor, Heat exchange equipment.

Spare parts and repairs

Spare parts/support, Repair service, First Aid, Initial assembly and commissioning, Training, Check up, Inspection.

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